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Get the South Fork Weddings Seal of Approval

Brides & wedding couples have confidence in our ratings. When a bride asks if you have a SouthForkWeddings seal of approval, wouldn’t you like to say YES?

Brides and Wedding Couples Look for the North Fork/South Fork Weddings Seal of Approval.

For so many couples wedding planning can be a minefield of big promises, even bigger budgets and substandard service delivery. As a party professional, you know how the inexperienced and disreputable service providers can give the entire industry a black eye, yet it is a challenge to set your business apart from these bad actors.

Wedding service directories are all over the internet, with new ones cropping up every day. Every single one of them clamoring for attention leaving couples nearly paralyzed with information overload.  Fortunately, there are a few they can rely on for good information and reliable vendors, and  is one of them.

We have been an online resource for wedding planning and other party services on the East End since 2003. At couples know they will find reliable, experienced professionals to deliver the services they will need for their wedding or other special occasion celebration happening in the Hamptons and on the North Fork. 

So, they look for the seal of approval to help them cut through the clutter of lesser companies to find those that deliver exceptional products, services and customer experience. This is a once-in-lifetime event for these couples. A member will make it memorable for all the right reasons.

When a bride asks if you have a SouthForkWeddings seal of approval, wouldn’t you like to say YES?

Qualifying is easy, even for relatively new businesses, and membership fees are reasonable. This is your chance to stand above the rest and prove that you are an experienced, qualified professional dedicated to delivering your best to every client.

All members of or must:

  • Demonstrate experience and proficiency in their specialty by providing samples of their product or service.
  • Permit a site visit of their location (where applicable)
  • Participate in an interview about their company and services
  • Provide a sample contract and price list
  • Demonstrate good customer service practices
  • Have a satisfactory complaint response and resolution policy
  • Be available to service the North Fork or the Hamptons

Think you are ready for the SouthForkWeddings seal approval for your services? Contact us to learn more about qualifying and the great benefits of being a member.

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